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Provisional C Class Rankings – March 2013


These rankings are merely provisional to get opinions and iron out any mistakes or omissions. For next month, April 2013, the rankings will be officially launched.

To be considered, fighters must have competed within the last 12 months. All fighters competing below bantamweight have been grouped into one weight class, and similarly all above middleweight are grouped together. If it turns out there are enough fighters to make flyweight and light heavyweight rankings, they will be added for next month.

1- Scott Malone
2- Cammy Scott
3- Dean Begg
4- Jason Woods
5- Peter McCafferty
6- Stephen Cusick
7- Jasim Beg
8- Ryan Gourlay
9- Kelson Duffy
10- Nicky Beveridge

1- Andy Burns
2- Paul Wiseman
3- Aidan Stephen
4- Calum Murrie
5- Chris Farman
6- Paul Lopez
7- Ross Stewart
8- Darren Kinloch
9- Nathan Jessimer
10- Matthew Greig

1- Paul McBain
2- Craig McIntosh
3- Barry McHugh
4- Dave McDonald
5- Willie McCurdy
6- Rossco Greig
7- Nath McDonald
8- Matti Laurenson
9- John Black
10- Chris Crownie

1- Calum Hunter
2- Graham Black
3- Ross Houston
4- Steven McCreadie
5- Mike Cowperthwaite
6- Martin Donaldson
7- Lukasz Szarafiniak
8- Iain Feenan
9- Paul Dabrowski
10- Gordon Price

Middleweight/Light Heavyweight:
1- Carson Riches
2- Matthew Donald
3- Paul Craig
4- Steven Tippin
5- Scott Mulgrew
6- Sean McInally
7- James Pattie
8- Chris Aiton
9- Andy Ablett
10- Olly Georgopollous

About the author
David Bateman http://www.fightscotland.com
Founder of SFB Magazine & Podcast, former editor of Your MMA Magazine and writer for Fighters Only Magazine. Commentate for On Top, Vision, FFC and Colosseum.
  • ArteSuave

    I dont see how Andy Burns merits the number 1 spot at FW. After all its being contested by Aidan Stephen and Calum Murrie in a few months. Wiseman has retired also.

  • David Bateman

    Thanks for the comment.

    They’re fighting for the Art of Combat belt, not necessarily the number one spot. Although in reality whoever wins will likely be top. For now, Andy Burns is at 1 because he’s unbeaten against good opponents. Both Murrie and Stephen have losses.

    Thanks for Wiseman info. That’s why these are provisional, so we can get info like that.

  • Graeme_callaghan

    I will be breaking into those flyweight rankings this year! I know i can beat a few of them.

  • Chris Bungard

    I’m 7-6-1 in mma yet not in top 10 with people whos had 1 or 2 fights lol WTF Bateman finger out!

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  • Artesuave

    I suppose this time next week you’ll know whos top of a few divisions with the AOC titles. There will be a wee shuffle at the top for a few people I think.

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